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What do we do?

The Exercisers provide acts, workshops, films and training sessions for a world where communication, presentation and entertainment meet.

Starting point for us is connecting entertainment to learning. This has proven to be an inspiring contribution to internal discussions and processes of change and learning.

Our work presents itself in three different forms: training sessions, interactive theatre en audiovisual productions.


To us training is about communication, about establishing contact with the other person, giving attention to the other and oneself.

Communication is top sport. It's an everyday thing, at home and at work. But the strange thing is: we hardly ever train for it; we hardly ever train ourselves for an important meeting or thoroughly prepare for a highly charged discussion.

Well, that's exactly what the Exercisers are about. No energy consuming theoretical expositions, but lots of simply doing it, training it and acting it out. Practicing is often more effective than endlessly discussing the problem. The Exercisers create a safe 'learning lab', where you can sharpen your communication skills.

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Interactive Theatre

In an interactive theatre session behavioural aspects of professional communication are being highlighted in a playful and humorous way. Interactive theatre is dynamic and gets an open brainstorm going, in which the public is offered the opportunity of speaking out on a number of often emotionally charged subjects. On our part we always guarantee the process remains respectful and safe.

For example: our actors recreate a scene from your professional setting, a worst-case scenario that is recognizable to all. This scene is specifically written to match the theme of the conference, kick off or any other meeting concerned. The public, under supervision of one of our team members, then direct the actors as it were toward an ideal professional situation. Naturally the public is free to train the situation among themselves, but they can also be invited (no obligations!) to take over a role on stage.

More than often this results in a wonderful and hilarious theatrical spectacle and provides the individuals involved with a keen insight into behaviour and attitude of themselves and others. Interactive Theatre lifts the professional communication of trainees to a higher level.

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Audiovisual Productions

Looking for a sparring partner in producing a corporate film or video? Be it a scenario for your film / video or audiovisual support for your presentations and symposia. From the scenario writing to produce the final thing, the Exercisers can provide you in all stages of production.

Also the Exercisers have quite some experience in letting trainees produce their own film and soap scenes. This process is greatly rewarding and proves to be quite useful in teambuilding or in any other group processes.

Our years of experience in script development, production and camera work enable us to utilize a powerful medium as TV and video in giving creative and effective form to training and company goals.

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